CBS News: Live Breaking News App Reviews

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Great news app

Gets to read breaking news and watch live feed. I love it.

Best News App Out There

This is the first news app I go to when I get home to catch up on what happened during the day. Easy to navigate, and great reporting. Plus, you get Charlie Rose.


Love getting the facts as it happens!!

New to CBS News

First app for news I have added to my phone. So far the lay out is nice and easy to move through. Always preferred cbs on the television and hope you cover local, national and world news.

Exellent for beginners

I am middle-age and, finally taking interest in politics, CVS application is really showing me the way to understand get interested and, most of all, really be informed on the daily headlines. Hats off to showing a newcomer even a 51-year-old man how to really get your teeth sunk into the daily events as well as up to the moment news stories.

Best streaming

No quirky buffering for our modest DSL connection! Thankyou!

Excellent!!! Great News Source!!!

Im really glad to have found CBSNews app!!! I love the live TV, radio and of course the written news reports!

The Best App for News

CBS app has become my favorite source for news on iOS. A very credible source on many topics. And I especially appreciate the ability to watch live TV streams. Kudos to the folks at CBS.

Best news feed

Keeps you up to date on all of the latest breaking news.

Not too much, Not too little

I have many news apps and news sources. Some I have had to turn off notifications and others I had to delete due to the bombardment of notifications. My CBSNews app is just right and a lot more professional in lieu of a bunch of giggliers and ranters taking up my time. Thanks CBS and youll thank them too.

No paper needed

Check out news morning and night.Love it! No more newspapers

Closed Caption doesnt work

The closed captioning does not work.

One Of The Best

This is, by far, one of the best news apps I have currently. The CNN news app cannot even compare!

Want to give higher rating, but cant

I like CBSN, but this app stinks. Theres no way to see a live video schedule. The images on the main page never load. Theres no way to watch a whole show, like "CBS This Morning". It feels like a beta version of an app, not a professional release.

CBS News

CBS News app is excellent. It offers a wider array of stories that are far more difficult to find elsewhere. It also includes a variety of different contributors.


Simple and fast.

Love CBS News, but the app needs serious work

I am a huge fan of CBS, the morning show, evening news, Sunday mornings, 60 mins etc. Top class coverage, real news less fluff. They all have great chemistry, and not as sensational like the other big news networks. HOWEVER, the other networks (BBC & CNN) have far superior Apps. Time for CBS to tune this up, and match the excellent TV coverage. I expect you to be tops on the web too!

Display Problems Hide Content

Sometimes the ads cover the last part of the article and you cant read the full story. Lately, when you go into the story, you only see the ads normally shown at the end of the story, and the story is missing. I finally figured out who to email, but nothing has been done.

Best network news app

I love this app. For some stupid reason other news apps and websites make it hard to find full episodes. Not this one though! Its easy and theres just 1 ad at the start. One can watch each episode in 20 minutes, go forward or back without re-watching ads, and overall catch up quickly. CBS News, Scott Pelley, the correspondents and this app are the best.


I love to watch my news any time I want

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